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sat_night_mic's Journal

A Place for the Easily Amused
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This is the Saturday Night Open Mic where it's always Saturday Night for the easily amused.

Find that silly Flash Game that you can't stop playing? Got a web page you just can't stop reading because it's so bad it's good? Or just feel the need to scream out some random phrase?

Welcome Home.

Your hosts, mods, and objects of worship:

pandoras_closet, Dictator in Chief and utter bastard. Love him. Or else.
sandrusevich, Co-Dictator in Chief and Mail Monkey. Fear her. Fear her well.
shinga, Senior Mod and Queen of Wrong.

The Rules

1. -No spamming. There's communities on LJ for your new LJ or community. Spammers get permabanned.

2. No fanfiction A limmerick or haiku about what Kirk does to Spock every night is fine, but that godawful so bad its good I gotta tell someone about this fanfiction has to be linked to.

3. Be civil. Nobody likes a troll. Even ones that are on fire. Trolls, flamers, and idiots will be dealt with at the discretion of myself, sandrusevich, or shinga and as we see fit.

4. No anymous commenters. If you don't have an LJ, its easy to get one, and if you do, use it. We won't bite. I promise. Well, unless you ask us to, that is.